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Duck Blind Soup a.k.a. The Cure

Earlier this winter we loaded up the truck and drove north to Tulsa, OK to meet up with some friends to duck hunt. Being from “north of the wall” (Michigan) I was not in the least worried about the cold front that had moved…

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Wild Duck Breast Pâté

Pâté always seems like such a special occasion hors-d’oeuvre. It’s traditional and it’s French so it has to be formal, right? Wrong! I always like to have a ramekin of pâté in my fridge to bring out with crackers any time company stops by…

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My Wedding Registry! Hunting, Home, and Beyond

I’ve been asked to share a quick peek at how my registry for my November wedding is coming along! Lots of copper, wood accents, feather accents, sharp knives, and drinking accessories… as you can see 🙂 I have to admit, picking out my “dream…

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