Big Bend & Texas Treasures

“Wish me the best, I’m headed west”

A true adventure – what does that look like? I think about that question quite often.

My significant otherboyfriend… “C”, works a lot. As in seven days a week, early mornings and late nights. I’ve seen him go back-to-back months without taking a day off. As an athlete his schedule can be really intense and it is also pretty unusual. So when he does get down time we like to take advantage of it! This is how we found ourselves headed to west Texas without much of an itinerary. To back up one step, we were supposed to go to Japan to eat sushi. But because we didn’t quite know when his time off would be we didn’t get the reservation at the restaurant we wanted to go to secured. So we scrapped that and decided to head west instead of far east. Let me show you.

We stayed one night at El Cosmico – the iconic Marfa, TX destination. El Cosmico lives up to the hype. If you’re in the area I would recommend a night here but not much more than that as I found the town of Marfa to be underwhelming.
el cosmico el cosmico
I always seem to be following a railroad.
Heading south into Big Bend National Park.
Big Bend Big Bend
In between this flagpole and those cliffs lies the Rio Grande.
Rio Grande
We bought this Dietz Lantern for the trip and loved it. Pure function – this is the “#80 blizzard cold blast” model. You can buy one from this cool website here.
Heading to our first hike – this was a little ominous looking.
hike hike hike hike hike hike bekah
One of my favorite shots of the whole trip. This waterfall is the tallest in Texas.
After a few days of hiking in Big Bend we headed to Alpine and totally fell in love with the place.
We found a bar called Harry’s Tinaja and watched college football/drank beer all afternoon. By far one of the coolest bars I have been to.
Harry's Harry's Harry's Harry's

An incredible place and the trip of a lifetime. As I continue to try to answer the question of adventure I think this trip taught me that adventure happens when you don’t know what to expect. Thats when you get those wide-eyed moments that make you feel so grateful.


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Second tallest waterfall in Texas.

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Tallest waterfall in Texas *accessable to the public. Thank you, Alex!


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