Head Full of Doubt / Road Full of Promise


First, I just completed an extensive update to my portfolio. I hope you check it out in case you missed some of my “professional” articles from the first half of the year. I’m proud of them! My contract with WideOpenSpaces.com has recently ended and i’m moving on. I had such a great experience working as a contributing writer with WOS and learned a ton! But onwards and upwards. Look for my first post on GearJunkie.com coming soon. Oh, be sure to follow Cygnet Outdoors on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (pick your poison, or take a daily dose of all three like I do). I post daily on those platforms.

Second, a little digression.. I have a thing for quotes. The way words can be ordered to convey an emotion, sentiment, ideal, feeling, so perfectly is something that consistently strikes me. Then you add the background facts to a quote such as the author and their story and it just is incredible.

I think it boils down to my love of words. Which I think boils down to my love of sound and also my love of communicating something with irrefutable clarity.

The etymology of the word “quote” is traced to the Latin, “quotus”, meaning “in which order”. This root word was used for numerical purposes but I like to also think of it as “ok, you’re saying certain words but in a specific order”. Around the 15th century “quote” continued its wordy development to come to mean “to give as a reference, to cite as an authority”. For me, this is “I am feeling something. And i’m giving this quote as a reference and using it as an authority to express that feeling”.

So, it’s on down the road for me. Hopefully putting words in good orders and continuing my “glass cage of emotion” (Anchorman. I mean, it’s classic!) road full of promise.

Daniel verse

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