A Deadly Week

For Dove in Cordoba, Argentina…

Last week I returned home from a dove shooting trip to Argentina with some good friends of mine. I love visiting Argentina – it’s a beautiful country with a great variety of regions and topography. On a previous trip, we visited the vast and mountainous Patagonia region in the South so it was great to see the lush farmland of the Cordoba region in the northern part of the country.

The dove in Argentina (Eared dove) are incredibly prolific in nearly all of the northern provinces. Before 1950 the species was common in South America but after the major agricultural booms of the 1950s and beyond the population exploded. There is now estimated to be between 22 and 32 million dove in Argentina. The environment is just right for them with ample farmland to feed off of and roosting areas to return to morning and night. This makes for an incredible big-bag shooting experience and is a great way to see the local agricultural land.

Finally, our lodge – Sierra Verde – was a beautifully remodeled, classically styled estancia (estate). Every detail was impeccable as was the quality of service. If you are looking for a wonderful place to call home for a week with family or friends while enjoying great dove shooting – look no further than H & H Outfitters.

  • Some of my trip essentials:
  • L.L.Bean Hunter’s Tote Bag, zip-top – I have both the Mossy Oak and classic camo versions – monogrammed, of course. I love these tough totes. You can throw them in the back of the truck and if you accidentally set them in mud or water your gear stays dry thanks to the thermoplastic interior lining. The straps are ultra woven for strength and the zip top is a key feature. I travel with this bag because it is a great carry-on, transitions perfectly to a field bag or overnight bag, is super durable, and looks good!
  • – Dubarry Boots – the only boots I even brought on the trip. Read my write-up here.
  • Beretta O/U 28 ga. – I started with an auto but switched just because I love the way an over/under feels. 


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