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New Adventures … Online

First, this. Last month I accepted a position as a regular writer for an outdoor site called WideOpenSpaces. WOS is a constantly flowing stream of outdoor (hunting, fishing, shooting, general) news, videos, etc.! I’ve written several articles for them so far and, although the writing requirements are demanding,…

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A Deadly Week

For Dove in Cordoba, Argentina… Last week I returned home from a dove shooting trip to Argentina with some good friends of mine. I love visiting Argentina – it’s a beautiful country with a great variety of regions and topography. On a previous trip, we…

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Grand Slam Girl

There’s A First Time For Everything I had a new article published last month (see Portfolio above or click link at bottom of post) in the private hunting journal – KYH. The story is about my hunting Grand Slam completion in Patagonia during a 2013…

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Big Bend & Texas Treasures

“Wish me the best, I’m headed west” A true adventure – what does that look like? I think about that question quite often. My significant other… boyfriend… “C”, works a lot. As in seven days a week, early mornings and late nights. I’ve seen…

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